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Tolkien's Mountains

People might be interested in picture 5 of the slideshow - Rare National Treasures go on display from the BBC website -


I shall definitely be over to the Bod to have a look when its open.

Shanith finds Portobella Road

And consequently everytime she closes her eyes she see's glrious fabrics, patterns, costumes, dresses, jewelry. Its not as good as Camden market (which is the ultimate in shinyness), but it is pretty darn cool, and I'm very happy I found it :-) 

More art.

I love this sketch so much, I'm almost tempted to ask Anke whether she'd be willing to sell it...


Its great to see her improving all the time, even if it does make it more disheartening that I could never even in my nicest dreams be able to compete. 

If the link above doesn't work, try this. The picture I like is called Eowyn and the grey lady, and is Eowyn standing head to head with her horse about 10 pictures down. It appears to be a set of 4, all of which I think are lovely.


For Reference

A Good Sci/Fi art website - it has the aim of collecting the best sci-fi/fantasy art out there - a laudable aim :-)


And I love this picture of Merlin by John Howe. It must be one of my favourite pictures of his.


Banquet in Numbers

- Number of people at banquet - 59
- Number of food courses - 4
- Number of dishes prepared - 31
- Number of hours I was awake continuously for on Saturday/Sunday - 24
- Number of desserts eaten by Exactlyhalf - 6
- Number of dances participated in by me - 5
- Number of Meduseld cakes made - 1

In the five minutes I need from banquet heavy thinking to work heavy thinking I find - yay - new Anke hobbit sketches, and they're for sale. I'm trying to work out which one i like most :-)


Merry Christmas!!

Once again I have failed somewhat in my Christmas card writing ambitions. So here is my late/poor/cheap/artistic/environmentally friendly (delete as applicable) alternative. 

'I don't like this at all,' panted Sam just behind. 'Snow's all right on a fine morning, but I like to be in bed while it's falling. I wish this lot would go off to Hobbiton! Folk might welcome it there.' 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All on my Flist!! 
May it be very happy!

(For the Tolkien fans, the painting is sister to 'Caradras')

 A huge congratulations to Beam_Engine!! 

Its been a long and hard road, but I knew your cheeky smile and winning personality would shine through in the end. I'm very happy for you and toasted you well with mead last night. 
Well done you!!


Happy Birthdays!!!

Parrot Knight for tomorrow and Drievertel for Sunday! Sorry I can't be at work on the right day to wish you it!
Many many happy returns, I hope you both have very shiny days.
Have a shiny birthday picture!!

Banquet - Time is running out!

We're rapidly approaching being two - thirds full, so I'd encourage anyone who hasn't signed up for the banquet to get on and do so, even if its just a maybe. It would be tragic to have to tell people there isn't enough space.

And if you need any more persuasion - I'm determined its going to be the *best banquet ever*. This is something I vow each time! I'm very excited about the talented cooks we've got on board, the extensive decoration ideas and the fact that its going to the longer 10 hours of joy!!